Same old, same old

I saw an impressive movie a while back, called “The Economics of Happiness.” It's worth seeing – it's a great film, with really important things to say about what kinds of things we need to change in our economic system so that people can be happy, and find meaning in their lives. So I was really glad to hear that they were doing a conference, with all sorts of cool people. I was excited!


What I'll be doing for Lent

Over the past few years, I have had an interesting relationship to Lent. As a Unitarian Considering Christ (or, as my spiritual co-conspirator Joellynn Monahan says “Universalist Chillin' with Christ”,) Lent has never been about penitence. Growing up Protestant, and even in my brief flirtation with fundamentalism in my early adulthood, I never paid attention to it – I thought it was a Catholic thing.

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