Being Part of an Avalanche of Love

I have a confession to make: I don't think this country is going to survive the next several years intact.

But I have decided to put that feeling on hold - to pretend I don't believe it. I'm going to pretend that a difference can be made - that we can manage to emerge from this dark time a country that puts people, not money and power, first. A country that actually takes care of each other, and the planet. And perhaps, I am mistaken, and that can happen.

In the (now many fewer, I've tired of it) online arguments with right-wing people that I've had, I actually enjoy being called a snowflake. Because of course, individual snowflakes easily melt. But when snowflakes come together, they are quite powerful.

I'm spending 2018 focused on democracy. I feel like this moment calls me to that particular path. I know it calls others to other paths, and I as I've said before, I think we need to do all of the things, and not have arguments about what the right strategy is - just do anything we each are called to do.

I'm going to adopt a few candidates, a couple in CA, and a couple elsewhere, who are challenging GOP candidates in districts that are (at least vaguely) winnable. I'll find out ways I can support those candidates (financially and otherwise.)  I'm going to also do what I can around getting the vote out, and combating voter suppression. I created a Facebook Group to gather other folks interested in that effort.

It's true, avalanches are destructive.  But we need that right now. We need to destroy a culture that ignores children killed while they attend school. We need to destroy a culture that ignores unarmed men and women killed by police. We need to destroy a culture that privileges billionaires over people who have little. We need to destroy a culture that is destroying our ability to survive on this planet. These things need destroying.