Thanksgiving, as a United States holiday, has all sorts of complex and unfortunate historical baggage. And for many, it has unfortunate family baggage as well. But today, I just want to focus on gratitude.

I've been on a social media and news fast since the day after the midterm elections, and I feel like in a way, my brain is cleaned out - clear of clutter. I think it might be a while, if ever, that I fully return to social media - I'm rather enjoying this clarity - and I feel grateful for the decision to start the fast.

I am so grateful for the many wonderful friendships in my life - from the friends that I see and am in contact with regularly, to those I am hardly in contact with, but when we are, it's like nothing has changed.

I'm grateful for the loves I've had in my life - the ones in the past, who have loved me, and from whom I've learned so much (sometimes even painful lessons.) I'm grateful for the love in the present, and grateful for the life we have already created, and the life we will create together.

I'm grateful for my Transmission community - the wonderful, motley crew of heart-centered trans masculine folks that I have the amazing honor of helping to lead.

I'm grateful for whatever combination of DNA and experience I got from my parents, and the directions my life has taken (sometimes in similar directions, more often in opposite directions) to the lives they made for themselves and me.

I'm grateful for communities of color who are leading the way in creating a truly inclusive and embracing country. I'm grateful for all of the people who are artists, anarchists, queer, gender-queer, weirdos, activists, writers, and non-conformists who populate my life and community.

We have a rough time ahead of us. May we all remember what we are grateful for. Gratitude makes a difference.