The great Way is not difficult for those who are have no preferences.
Let go of wanting and avoiding, and everything will be perfectly clear.
But make the slightest distinction and heaven and earth are set infintely apart.

If you want truth, don't be for or against anything.
The idea of good and evil is the primary disease of the mind.
If you don't grasp the deeper meaning, you trouble your minds complacency.
The infinite is perfect and lacks nothing.
But because you select and reject, you can't perceive the true nature of existence.

5th Zen Patriarch

I am an opinionated sort, as you've probably noticed. But an interesting thing is happening to me. I'm getting tired of talking about why things or people, or situations, are wrong. I'm becoming weary of my preferences. My own opinions ring hollow to myself right now. Not that I think I'm wrong, but just that I'm ready to let go of the need to be right.

I do know that being attached to being right is a dangerous thing. It can be like being a bull in a china shop - things might get broken. I've been attached to being right for most of my life - certainly all of my adult life, so some things have certainly gotten broken. Whether it be about how long to boil an egg, or how to build a website, or about what we should do about climate change, I have opinions on everything, and I have been very attached to the rightness of those opinions. Letting go of that attachment feels really scary. Will I stop caring about injustice? Will I be unable to make decisions? I somehow deeply know that neither of those things will happen. But the fear is there anyway.

I know that for the relief of my own suffering, and how I live in the world, it is right for me to begin to walk down the path of "no preference" that seems to be set before me. I don't quite know what's on the other side, but I'll keep you posted.