Life in the slow lane


I'm on a news and social media fast for the month of December. I'd realized I'd gotten so despairing about the news, as well as just kind of full of useless stuff, so I decided a month off from the constant influx of information would be a good thing.

It's day 2. This is the withdrawal phase. I open my browser out of habit, and then realize that I have nothing to do in it. (I email clients, and not the web interface for email, so I really have nothing to do on it.) OK, well, I'm writing this blog entry, and I'm looking at the weather for my trip down to Southern California. And I've read all my email (and deleted the many, many cyber Monday (extended sales!) and giving Tuesday emails.

I do have work I can do, and writing I can do, but it's strange, not getting my standard social media injection. No community chatter, and no engagement in conversation. But my head is certainly quieter, and so far, I've gotten a lot more stuff done. I think I might actually even get to this after a while.

I'll blog about this over the next month. Of course, since I'm not posting this on social media, I have no idea whether anyone will read it.