Science Fiction and Faith: An Exploration of Intersections

One of the wonderful things that have happened in the last few years is that I have experienced a kind of synthesis of my life's professional experiences. This fall, I'm teaching a course continues this process. It's such a wonderful opportunity for me to teach what I've been exploring in my writing for so many years.

Here's the course description:

Science fiction has always had many authors that explore theological and biblical topics. Science fiction has imagined the end of faith, the irrelevance of faith, fictional gods, and new kinds of faiths. Science fiction has explored the limits of science, and the ramifications of faith and religious thought for the future. Science fiction also uses metaphor for the theological concepts of good and evil, heaven and hell, etc.

This course will look at science fiction with a theological lens. We'll investigate the relationship of science to faith and religion in science fiction. We'll look at how faith is portrayed in science fiction, and the rich theological landscape that can exist in present in science fiction. We'll explore fictional religions, humans as creator, and the what faith might look like in the future.

The course will include readings from novels and short stories, non-fiction, and include clips of science fiction films and TV.

Here's the syllabus.

If you're interested in taking the course, you can register here.