The Next Four Years

I've had some time to digest the disaster that was the election this year.  I'm not feeling quite as shocked, or in disbelief. as I was yesterday. I've finally fashioned my plan for the next four years (longer, if necessary.) This is not really in order of importance - I think the priorities may re-shift themselves over time.

And first, a caveat - I currently live in one of the bluest counties of one of the bluest states. And even though this particular part of California is a bit less diverse than many, I feel personally pretty safe as a QPOC, so that's one thing I don't have to worry about.

  • Keep on teaching self-compassion, self-love, emotional awareness, and befriending fear.
  • Keep on teaching queer women all over the world how to have happy relationships.
  • Keep writing science fiction with my social justice warrior self.
  • Work on creating a spiritual intentional community.
  • Find one or two pivotal issues in CA to work on (single-payer health care would be one that I care about somewhat selfishly, as I am likely to lose my health insurance.)
  • Find ways to work on climate change, which is, from my perspective, the most urgent national issue. It was urgent before, but with a climate denier as president, and a GOP House and Senate, whatever small steps forward the US was taking will now become huge steps backwards.
  • Re-jigger my budget and give more \$ to orgs that help the most vulnerable, like women seeking abortions in red states, queer and trans youth, etc.
  • Re-join the ACLU.
  • Take care of myself.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Strengthen my connections to my friends and communities.