What I Have to Say Today

I've been triggered, greatly, by the events of the last two days. Not because I didn't expect it. Not because #ThisIsNotUs. But because I knew it was going to happen, but I didn't really want to believe that it would. I'm not including any pictures on purpose - I've been way too triggered by them, and I don't want to make it worse for anyone else.

I am really a Gen Xer, even though supposedly demographically, being born late in 1959, I'm a boomer. But I say that because the country I grew up in was different than the one boomers grew up in. I was barely 4 when the Birmingham church was bombed. I was still very young when the schools in the south were desegregated. Because of the class I grew up in, I grew up in a world of opportunity, even as I could see that it wasn't one that all black people shared.

I've been a student of history for the past 20 years or so - intrigued by the past, and the ways the events of the past not only have echoes now, but actually create what we are looking at right now.

I'm not sure the Civil War ever really ended. I think perhaps we've been fighting a cold civil war since 1865. There have been great strides since then, as the quality of my black, queer, genderqueer life attests to. That said, there is a relatively small but significant number of people in this country that would happily return us to a time when blacks (and all POC) are subservient, women are in the kitchen, and queer people are shot on sight. And there is a much, much larger number of people who might not say they want this, but frankly wouldn't mind so much. Those are the people who voted for Trump.

There's been all sorts of strum and drang from the GOP about what happened in Charlottesville. But what you're not hearing is them repudiating 40 years of stoking the flames. My bet is, that if Nixon's "Southern Strategy" was never started, first, the GOP would no longer exist, and second, we wouldn't be dealing with a strong white supremacist movement. Stoking the flames of white resentment was the survival strategy of the GOP, once the Democratic party became progressive around race.  This is the continued survival strategy of the GOP. They can't win without racist gerrymandering, racist voter suppression, and turning out their base with either "dog whistles" or outright racist rhetoric. They can't repudiate their survival strategy and keep going as a party, and they fucking know it.

And on the progressive stance on the 2016 elections, I'm sorry, but right now I have to say that some of us told you so: Clinton and Trump were not just as bad. Trump is a white supremacist, ran with clearly white supremacist rhetoric, has white supremacists on his staff, and covers for white supremacists. This is only the beginning. With a DOJ run by a neo-confederate, which will happily stand by idly while other neo-confederates kill people (and make themselves busy investigating "discrimination" against whites), local police, many of whom have plenty of these people in their ranks, "leave the area" when neo-confederates stage rallies, and the fact that these people are the most well-armed private citizens in the United States, this is only going to get worse. I just hope we can make it through the next 41 months.